Alexandra Road now. Escape hatch and nowhere land

Alexandra Road now. Escape hatch and nowhere land

While the Major Scheme has a remit to include improvements to the High Road end of Alexandra Road and Martins Walk, the consultation documents offer nothing.

Residents attending the General meeting on 27th November felt that improving the High Road would see antisocial behaviour and
all of the current problems caused by poor environment being displaced to Alexandra Road, unless similar improvements were made between Alexandra Road and Martins Walk.

In addition to pressing the council to make such extend the improvements into our area, the meeting agreed to explore the possibility of creating a ‘pocket park’, the brainchild of the Mayor (GLA): see The illustration here compares the space available in Alexandra Road with that of the Lavender Garden, the first community garden created by PMRA.

The next step is a meeting between the GLA and Haringey Council officers, times for next week. Progress will depend on support from the Mayor but also a major shift by council officers who have a long history of under investment and treating our area as back land to the town centre of little value.

Alexandra Rd Pocket Park v1.pdf

If all goes well, an application for funding of the ‘pocket park’ will be made to the Mayor. Time is not on our side – applications must be received by 7th January 2013.

Interested? Let us know what you think and whether you would like to be involved by emailing

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