The Lost House and the Mayes Road marshes!

Earlier this year PMRA was awarded money by central government to improve the section of Mayes Road at the back of the shopping mall. The money is for a ‘linear pocket park’.

We wanted to put in new structures and mini-facilities to encourage people to meet and use the space.

Work on the new mural has started. Artist: Krishna Malla
The Lost House takes shape on Martins Walk

The work has started with a new mural – the Lost House – on the end-wall of 54 Park Ridings. Krishna Malla, who did the squirrels in Martins Walk for us, is the artist. His designs reflect the interiors of fifty years ago and the communities who lived here when the original houses were demolished to make way for the Mall.

Our co-chair Marcus Ballard, who came up with the pocket park scheme, has to submit regular progress reports to the government. The money must be spent in a year and there is no time to waste.

Marcus has led a series of meetings with Haringey Council and the Mall to plan the development. These meetings have revealed new opportunities. For example, both we and the Council want to improve the road junction. This will mean narrowing Mayes Road outside the Mall to slow traffic and improve the appearance of the corner. Haringey also want to install a system to manage the water pollution which results here from poor drainage and heavy road use. They have engaged Robert Bray, whose company has just built the SUDS (sustainable urban drainage system) opposite the civic centre. 

Blocked drain blowing like a burst main
Anything is better than this!

All this consultation has added to the pressure on our tiny resident team. The Council have put us under a lot of pressure to meet their expectations – not a bad thing in that Krishna was happy to incorporate more feedback and ideas from residents into his final designs. But we have also had to point out that the proposed SUDS will take up a considerable amount of the open space beside the Mayes Road benches near our notice-board.

But in August PMRA committee members were enthusiastic about the Council’s proposal even supporting the removal of the shrubbery that stretches along behind the notice-boards.

Flooded drainage outside the shopping centre.
Blocked drain blowing like a burst main

Since then the Council have been slow to share their updated proposals and we really want to meet them on site to think it all through. Meanwhile the Ministry are due in Haringey on October 9th to see what progress we’re making. It looks like this might go to the wire!

If you want to know more and get involved add a comment here or join us for the PMRA AGM on October 9th.

JM: 29/09/2019

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