Save lime trees and historic 'Village Green' on Hornsey Park Road

Think of this as a village green - Residents gathered to show support for the lime trees on Hornsey Park Road

Think of this as a village green - Residents gathered to show support for the lime trees on Hornsey Park Road

UPDATE 16th MAY, 2014:

Residents plans for 'Village Green' featured in Haringey Independent:

Residents fight to save lime trees with new 'pocket park'


Prospective councillors voiced support for residents' plans to save lime trees and open space at Hustings on 14th May, 2014

Resident and Community Gardener Peter Johnson has got to work with others in the Community Gardening Group on planning what the space might look like. Community Gardening is on the first Saturday of each month at between 10am and 12pm. You will usually find the group working at both ends of the area, around Martins Walk to Hornsey Park Road zebra or around the Lavender Garden. Do visit us if you have any ideas or would like to help in any way with our latest venture.

12th May 2014
Despite support from the council, our plans for a pocket park between the High Road and Alexandra Road were trashed by officers in 2013 - a blow to residents and a loss to the town centre. The same old highways officers, responsible for so many of the areas problems, pushed back against our community when we came up with an answer to one of the worst problems affecting the town centre: our pocket park truly was "ambitious, visionary and vibrant plan" (Cllr Bevan's bold claim for a scheme now offering just three trees in the pavement next to the shopping city).

We will return to this space another time but, for now have now moved our plans for a pocket park to the area around the lime trees in Hornsey Park Road, which would be better for our community and the meeting point of old and new neighbourhoods, when the Heartlands redevelopment is complete.

The open space and lime trees have been a feature of the area (our own Village Green) since Hornsey Park was built over 130 years ago, and is close to its centre. Hornsey Park has been identified by the council and GLA as an area of Open Space Deprivation and in need of its own community open space. Although the planning permission for Heartlands failed to offer any open space for us, we understand the council's support for a pocket park remains. The strong case for one has certainly only increased.

Your can read more about what as pocket park could do, and be for our area by reading our original proposal. A new plan is being worked on now. If you would like to help or offer support in any way, please drop us a line on , meet us at our Community Gardening on the first Saturday of each month or come to the next general meeting.


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