Time to Improve Dangerous Footpath

Cllr Fiyaz Mughal has joined calls to widen the dangerous footpath beneath Hornsey Railway Bridge. (letter to Hornsey Journal 21st January 2010) The Association has joined with Burghley Roads RA and New River Viallage RA in calling for the narrow footpath on the north side to be widened to make it safe for people to pass but particularly to make it safe for children and parents on their walk to and from school. The long overdue safety improvement was first called for by St Mary's Infants School over four years ago but has since been ignored by Haringey Council, whose best advice was to cross over the road and use the opposite path.

The Association has had a number of meetings with the council and spoken to TfL and London Buses, both of whom acknowlege the danger of having such a narrow foorpath so close to traffic. A petition of the Council is planned shortly by the coalition of RAs and interest groups supporting the long overdue safety improvement.

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