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    Summary of General Meeting, 26 September 2018

    GENERAL MEETING 26 September 2018 Grace Baptist Church Hall Park Ridings N8     Attendance The meeting was attended by 25 residents and 4 speakers from St William who are developing the former gasworks site currently known as the Heartlands. The speakers each gave a...

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  • aerial view

    At last, someone wants to restore the Moselle Brook in Hornsey so what (or who) is stopping it?

      aerial view The developers of Heartlands, part of Wood Green’s new western flank and future home to 3500 households, some of the borough’s tallest buildings and a whole new business district, have submitted bold plans establishing the feasibility of bringing the river back to...

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  • Rectory rain garden after the long dry spell

    More SUDS, less suds

    When the rain started on Thursday there was a disturbing amount of foam on many of the roadside pools that quickly accumulated on local streets and pavements. Like soap suds. A sad reminder of the pollution that enters our streams and rivers through the surface...

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  • Foliage and fallen branches from Saturday’s clear-up

    The lime-trees are a-changin’

    We were out on Saturday watering and clearing up. You may have noticed the new lighting the Mall have installed under our second mural beneath Sky City. They’ve also put in a second tap to help us with the beds and planters close to the...

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    Where next for the Moselle?

    Haringey’s rivers had some real attention during London’s National Park City Week which ran from July 21st to 29th. The Rivers Forum met for the second time on the Monday night. Then on Wednesday night the Parks management team had a two-hour meeting with the...

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  • Welcoming the lavender

    Welcoming the lavender… and the bees

    Join us on Saturday, June 2nd 2018 from 10am to midday The lavender garden is at the junction of Hornsey Park Road and Clarendon Road close to Turnpike Lane. All welcome!

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  • Well worth the wait

    Streets matter in Hornsey Park

    Now the local election is settled it’s a good time to review where we are up to in the neighbourhood. In July council officers will report to the new Cabinet on the outcome of the latest consultation on the Wood Green Area Action Plan. There...

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    The Rivers Forum – A champion for Haringey’s water courses

    PMRA report of the inaugural meeting of the Haringey Rivers Forum 7 February 2018 The meeting was held at the Big Green Bookshop, 1 Brampton Park Road, N22. Thirty-three people attended including two officers from Haringey Council, with three apologies. Community and voluntary organisations represented...

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  • The Moselle where it enters the Heartlands

    A residents call to open the Moselle in Heartlands

    One of our residents has put his objection to the Haringey Heartlands application in writing. It is a succinct argument for opening the River Moselle as part of the development. Key points: The water is fine and does not smell It is easily accessible just...

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  • The Moselle where it enters the Heartlands

    Haringey Rivers Forum: The fight for a sustainable Wood Green starts here

    Today, February 2nd, is World Wetlands Day. Martha Rojas Urrego, Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, introducing the theme that ‘wetlands are essential for a sustainable urban future’, argues that ‘a rapidly growing urban population comes with enormous challenges for city planners and...

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