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  • A model of Wood Green proposed developments

    Community responds to flawed plans to regenerate our area

    As PMRA raises grave concerns with a first stage letter on Haringey’s Area Action Plan, residents from across our area, including Hornsey Park, Sky City, Caxton & Mayes Road and Tower Terrace met Beth Kay, Head of Regeneration and Emma Williamson, Assistant Director – Planning...

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  • The invasive knotweed is causing misery for residents

    Fighting back the Knotweed Invasion

    Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant that is difficult and expensive to eradicate. Although permissible to grow, there is a legal requirement to ensure that it does not spread onto neighbouring land. (See link to RHS https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?pid=218 ) The presence of Japanese Knotweed is noted...

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  • P1070097

    One year on – PMRA in new territory? Time to get involved!

    With a general meeting coming up on February 8th it might be useful to look back twelve months to the one we held a year ago on January 27th 2016. Charlotte Levey came from Haringey’s Neighbourhood Action Team to talk about the plans for the...

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  • clarendon-rd-the-avenue-googlemaps3 - 1

    Hornsey Park Community Streets – Final Proposals – Statutory Consultation Ends 1st February 2017

    The Association has received the following letter in connection with final proposals for the Community Streets Project. PMRA’s views have been posted previously and the scheme has been on the agenda of a number of General meetings over the past year. We are disappointed that...

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  • Noreen-Dorothy-John-cropped2

    Lavender Garden awarded Certificate of Merit

    Community Gardeners Dorothy Rose, Noreen Johnstone and John Miles receive a Haringey in Bloom Certificate of Merit on behalf of PMRA at Sunshine Garden Centre on 19th December, 2016 as our community gardening group notches up 10 years. The certificate was awarded to the Lavender...

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    Bring & Take Event

    If you have a lot of stuff at home that is functional but no longer required, or is cluttering up your house, get on down to our ‘Bring & Take’ event on Saturday the 5th of November. We even check that the electrical items are...

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  • featuredimage

    Lavender, rose and lime – remembering Paul Walker 31/10/2016

    This year Saturday’s ‘Cropping the Lavender’ had a special resonance. Our wonderful community garden at the junction of Clarendon and Hornsey Park Road needed its final trim of the autumn. We completed that quickly and went on to cut back the bushes to make it...

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  • dumpedrubbish - 1

    Community Clean Up Day in Hornsey Park on 15th October

    PMRA is working with the council’s Team Noel Park and Veolia to raise residents’ awareness of the free collection services for large/bulky items, the benefit to us all of keeping our front gardens and forecourts free of household items and discarded furniture and the negative...

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  • Gasholder No 1

    A tragic loss of unique heritage, a breach of trust, a missed opportunity? Why Hornsey Holder no.1 was lost

    The following words are taken from a last email on the subject of Hornsey Holder no.1 from Colin Marr, the tireless champion for its conservation. We are indebted to him for all his work. If you read to the bottom of the letter, there is...

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  • Hornsey Park Rd

    Late and at risk – will our Community Streets Project ever happen?

      Over a year late and fast running out of time, it’s time for residents to demand action on this long overdue environmental improvement project. Following officers attending our spring get-together, we have set out our priorities as follows: Generally 7.5t weight restriction for the...

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