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  • Computer generated image of the proposed development

    Invitation and early ideas for a new Masterplan for Haringey Heartlands

    Residents will be receiving an update from St. William inviting them to an exhibition to learn about their ideas for a new Masterplan for Haringey Heartlands and, more formally to join the discussion through a Development Management Forum arranged by Haringey Council. The exhibition will...

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  • WGAAP general meeting

    General Meeting Report – Wood Green Area Action Plan 2017

    General Meeting on Wednesday 26 April 2017 Download as PDF: WGAAP-meeting-26-4-2017 Read our Response Letter More regarding our objections to the Wood Green Area Action Plan (WGAAP) on this site. Present:  34 residents, including residents of adjacent streets and sky city. Apologies were sent by councillors Ahmed...

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  • A model of Wood Green proposed developments

    Community responds to flawed plans to regenerate our area

    As PMRA raises grave concerns with a first stage letter on Haringey’s Area Action Plan, residents from across our area, including Hornsey Park, Sky City, Caxton & Mayes Road and Tower Terrace met Beth Kay, Head of Regeneration and Emma Williamson, Assistant Director – Planning...

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  • Life after Iceland - a planned new housing and shopping complex on Mayes Road

    Get ready for Sim City Wood Green

    Not for decades have Wood Green residents faced the dismantling of communities, wholesale rebuilding and the complete reconfiguration of the town centre. The last gas holder is coming, and new housing, shopping areas, roads and traffic schemes are on the drawing boards and will eventually...

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  • Noreen-Dorothy-John-cropped2

    Lavender Garden awarded Certificate of Merit

    Community Gardeners Dorothy Rose, Noreen Johnstone and John Miles receive a Haringey in Bloom Certificate of Merit on behalf of PMRA at Sunshine Garden Centre on 19th December, 2016 as our community gardening group notches up 10 years. The certificate was awarded to the Lavender...

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  • Gasholder No 1

    A tragic loss of unique heritage, a breach of trust, a missed opportunity? Why Hornsey Holder no.1 was lost

    The following words are taken from a last email on the subject of Hornsey Holder no.1 from Colin Marr, the tireless champion for its conservation. We are indebted to him for all his work. If you read to the bottom of the letter, there is...

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  • crossrailmapfrontpage

    Crossrail 2 probably not coming to Turnpike Lane and Alexandra Palace or Wood Green?

    With increasing uncertainty around the costs and affordability of the project, questions around the ability of business to pay their share and the need to improve rail links in the Midlands and north of England, it looks unlikely that a decision to proceed to the...

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  • speedbumps3

    Ramps driving residents up the wall

    Residents in Alexandra Rd are up in arms against the speed reduction ramps that the council has installed. Complaints include disturbance due to noise and vibrations but also damage to buildings. Despite the council’s assertion that a time restriction is in place, HGVs are using...

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  • bettingshop3

    Another Betting Shop in Wood Green…

    Please consider this petition to allow local people a say over what happens in their area: change.org   Yet another betting shop has recently opened in Wood Green. A little history at this point: In the late spring/early summer of last year, a sign went...

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  • gasmeters_cropped

    The Story of Gasholder 1

    Anyone interested in the history of  Hornsey and Wood Green will enjoy this article by Colin Marr, which outlines the historical importance  of ‘Gasholder 1′, a local landmark behind Hornsey Park Road but now in full view from Mary Neuner Road. (http://tosa.homestead.com/Hornseygasworks.html) Gasholder 1, with its innovative...

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