Traffic, Parking and the CPZ - discussion at the Area Forum

Parking remains to be a central issue in Hornsey Park

Parking remains to be a central issue in Hornsey Park

Update, Tuesday 18th March 2014:
Tuesday's meeting revealed what many have suspected all along - there really is no clear consensus on whether the Wood Green CPZ should be reduced, and if so, the hours it should cover. Some were for reducing the CPZ, some were adamantly against it.

Those against, with few exceptions, were from the streets closest to the shopping centre and therefore most likely to be negatively impacted. Their fear was that residents would be unable to park as more outsiders would feel at liberty to park freely on residential streets, and it does not appear that their concerns were adequately addressed.

Those who were for the reduction argued from different angles - those furthest away from the shopping centre said they had plenty of unused parking space that is just being wasted while those nearest admitted they might not be able to park near their home but would love it if a reduction encouraged more visitors to Wood Green.

As for times, some are quite happy with the current 8-10, while most everyone else said the CPZ should finish at 6:30 pm.


One enthusiastic Hornsey Park Road resident suggested a rather early 4:30pm, and a Park Ridings resident opted for the compromise of 8:00 pm. What does this wildly varying assortment of views mean? A wider consultation will be encouraged, although no promises are being made yet, and the council will go from there.

Area Forum on 18th April, 2013

There was a short discussion at the Area Forum on 18th April, 2013 on what can be done to improve the Wood Green CPZ. Introduced in 1994, it was said to be the Borough's largest and most complex CPZ with the longest hours (the inner area runs from 8am to 10pm, seven days a week).  In response to calls for change, officers agreed to Cllr Strickland's request to meet residents and discuss hotspots where improvements are needed. This would see some of the considerable income generated for the council being reinvested into our area to solve some of our problems caused by the high volumes of traffic and marking around the town centre. Residents of Hornsey Park have previously expressed concern about parking, waiting and speeding traffic in Alexandra Road, uncontrolled parking in Mayes Road (at the end of Park Ridings) and the unfainess of roads being used as town centre parking by way of the pay and display bays.

It's time to invest a little of the CPZ income into addressing these problems as well as changing speed humps for traffic calming that avoids noise and vibration. We will discuss what should be done at the next General Meeting in May.

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