What next for 32 Alexandra Road - Update

Following refusal of planning permission on grounds of over intensive development, a revised application has been submitted, for extension of the ground floor rear additon, replacement of the conservatory with a permanent extension, a small first floor extension, and conversion of the loft to residential accommodation. While previously eight flats were proposed, seven flats of between one and three bedrooms are now proposed. Please view the application and comment, by going to http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet?PKID=262848

The association does not normally get involved in householder applications for planning permission or applications generally, unless they seek to establish an undesirable precedent or will clearly adversely affect the area. It has though commented from time to time on the conversion of properties where a change of use is involved or where the intensity of development is significant.

A number of residents have commented on the closure of the hostel at no. 32 Alexandra Road and expressed concern at what might happen next. An application to convert the building (the former home of a local GP) to eight flats. You can view and comment on the application as follows:

Address: 32 Alexandra Road N8 0PP

Proposal: Conversion of existing property into 8 self contained flats incorporating part single, part two storey rear and side extensions.


Application Number: HGY/2012/1599

View Application at  http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet

Case Officer: Tara Jane Fisher, Tel: 020 8489 0000 Ext: 5540

Date Registered: 14/08/2012

Decision by Date: 07/10/2012

3 comments on “What next for 32 Alexandra Road - Update”

  1. I thought resident's might be interested in the objection I have lodged with the planning dept:

    32 Alexandra Road is at the junction of Alexandra Road and the road on which I live.

    1) Rubbish
    This is an area mainly of family houses. In recent years there have been several conversions into multiple flats and these are instantly recognisable by the army of rubbish bins required in the front garden and the general neglect of this common area. 52 Alexandra Road would be a good nearby example. Our current system requires three separate receptacles for each household, or larger (very ugly) shared ones. 24 refuse receptacles will seriously damage the presentation of Alexandra Road.

    2) Parking
    2 parking spaces is NOT enough to support 8 flats. The intensive conversion of this house seems likely to set a precedent in the area (that Haringey is happy to extend its own development quota for the road) and we therefore have to consider that this is only the start of a problem. There is already a daily problem with thoughtless (illegal) parking from Shopping City which often leads to ugly altercation.

    3) The neighbour whose light is considerably affected is likely to be a lone voice, since nobody else is damaged . It is not right that a neighbour should be so adversely affected, both in terms of light and in terms of value to the property. This is simply one developer's gain at the expense of an established resident.

    4) With the major, very dense development of Haringey Heartlands, between the railway and Hornsey Park Road, the roads between Hornsey Park Road and Wood Green High Road are going to be under vastly increased pressure both by pedestrians and cars. We have to look ahead and recognise that we cannot also afford to allow high density coversion of existing houses.

    5) Greed
    This is a house that probably should be converted into more than one dwelling. However, seven flats is too much. Depending on the plans (including the elimination of the rear extension which cuts the neighbour's light) I would probably support a conversion within the exisiting building. This, however, is a greedy proposal which will be at the expense of the local area.

  2. Not that anyone seems to interested but planning has been refused. Thanks for all the support (which has been zero) from Parkside residents association. No doubt is will go to appeal. I am sure if it were an article that was between your close knit group of friends and to your beneifit , it would have been an issue,. This Parkside residents association is a joke.

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