Why is the traffic so bad in Hornsey Park Road?

Despite a lengthy email correspondence with the council, Hornsey Park Road still suffers from inadequate transport infrastructure and planning which leads to congestion, fumes, and noise while the £6m spine road remains almost empty even during peak traffic.During the initial planning and meetings it was clear that the new road should take at least some of the burden and as yet we are not seeing this happen.

The current situation could be improved, with minimal effort and money spent by

  • introducing adequate signage
  • better phasing of the lights on Turnpike Lane

Hornsey Park Road itself has over years suffered from neglected improvements that would make our road seem more residential rather than a ‘rat run’. Issues we suffer from include poorly maintained pavements and being overlooked with regards to the borough-wide greening of streets. Additionally the residents are having to cope with the additional noise from buses on diversions or going empty to the depot, while the spine road has not even yet been 'route-tested' (Transport for London say this is essential) to allow the new spine road to take up some of the slack.

We are not asking for special treatment, what we ask for is the council to make good the original commitments made at the time the spine road was given planning permission and built. We also want our area to be recognised as a winding residential road and not merely as a route for cars ,buses and lorries.

We will keep you up-to-date with the latest reactions from the council, the full email correspondence will be supplied to local residents on request.

One comment on “Why is the traffic so bad in Hornsey Park Road?”

  1. Unfortunately Hornsey Park Rd will always be a more direct route compared to Mary Neuner Rd which is hidden away and really only an access road for Heartlands.

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