Wood Green - Major Scheme Improvements: a Pocket Park would be nice

Alexandra Road now. Escape hatch and nowhere land

Alexandra Road now. Escape hatch and nowhere land

While the Major Scheme has a remit to include improvements to the High Road end of Alexandra Road and Martins Walk, the consultation documents offer nothing.

Residents attending the General meeting on 27th November felt that improving the High Road would see antisocial behaviour and
all of the current problems caused by poor environment being displaced to Alexandra Road, unless similar improvements were made between Alexandra Road and Martins Walk.

In addition to pressing the council to make such extend the improvements into our area, the meeting agreed to explore the possibility of creating a ‘pocket park’, the brainchild of the Mayor (GLA): see http://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/environment/greening-london/parks-green-spaces/pocket-parks The illustration here compares the space available in Alexandra Road with that of the Lavender Garden, the first community garden created by PMRA.

The next step is a meeting between the GLA and Haringey Council officers, times for next week. Progress will depend on support from the Mayor but also a major shift by council officers who have a long history of under investment and treating our area as back land to the town centre of little value.

Alexandra Rd Pocket Park v1.pdf

If all goes well, an application for funding of the ‘pocket park’ will be made to the Mayor. Time is not on our side – applications must be received by 7th January 2013.

Interested? Let us know what you think and whether you would like to be involved by emailing pocketpark@pmra.co.uk

10 comments on “Wood Green - Major Scheme Improvements: a Pocket Park would be nice”

  1. I would welcome the idea of a pocket park here and the removal of pay and display parking. However, I would equally welcome less traffic and no more HGVs travelling through Alexandra Road.as a cut through road. The humps in the road may have reduced the speed of drivers in a very small way but this has only caused disturbances in other ways, like vibrations and cracking, lack of sleep with HGVs driving full speed over the bumps causing restless sleep. I would agree that something desperately needs to be done about the amount of traffic coming through Alexandra Road and concerned about how much more traffic will be passing by the area is used as a public toilet. One of my concerns is that if there is no turning into Watsons Road then I can only imagine there will be even more traffic diverting into Alexandra Road. If the design is right, eg road layouts and traffic signals/road signs as in NO HGVs etc then the pocket park could provide a solution to many of the problems which residents experience in Alexandra Road. Ultimately, it would be nice to have a safe, clean environment in which residents and visitors could enjoy, particularly the elderly who so desperately need to rest between their homes and shops.

  2. Green spaces in urban areas are a great thing but more thought needs to be given to the junction of Alexandra road at the Highstreet. This is a one way street & between the Highstreet & Malvern road the only way in by car is from the top.
    I & other residence of this part of the street are very concerned about access becoming even more difficult than it already is & the potential for inviting more trouble. We need to consider the fact that a pocket park adjacent to the high street at this area could become a place for loitering at night & actually might bring more rubbish, urinating & trouble. We would bear the brunt of that at night.
    Removing the traffic lights or the right hand filter isn't the answer at this junction either. In my opinion the council need to stop any pay & display on Alexandra road as this is the cause of a lot of congestion, rubbish & trouble. The shopping city car park should be clearly signposted from the highstreet. This would keep a lot of traffic away from that area. As for the urinating, what's wrong with a light, a camera & a big sign saying offenders will be prosecuted? Better than giving them a tree to do it behind.
    Sorry, but I think a lot of decisions are made about this part of the road by people who don't actually live here!

  3. We think it's a really good idea and would enhance the area a lot. We'd be happy to support and help in any way we can,
    Julia and Barry

    [posted via parksidemalvernra.gmail.com]

  4. I support the pocketpark idea for improving Wood Green. The Martins Walk alley is an unpleasant shoddy looking sight and the pocket park would make a great improvement.

  5. Three interesting but depressing reasons why we need to push for an improvement like this, to bring our communities together and make them stronger: sorry, I can't make the hyperlink work so you'll have to cut and paste.

    BFI – LONDON FILM FESTIVAL 2011: Sky City resident dead and not found for three years

    Riot from Wrong – no one is listening to the community

    Alexandra Road/Shopping City was at the heart of the area most badly affected by the riots and looting in August 2011

  6. The aspect which particularly affects PMRA is the junction of Alexandra Road with the High Road. Alexandra Road has suffered much its proximity to High Street (rubbish, parking disputes, urination next to Boots all spring to mind.) Improved landscaping – a statement which expresses a pride in this area – really could improve this. At the recent PMRA meeting we discussed the possibility of coupling finance from TFL with the mayor’s current enthusiasm for “pocket parks”. The scope for such a project attached to this junction (including Martin’s Walk) seems really exciting and I would like to support it.
    The key thing really, is that the improvements should continue down Alexandra Road so that we avoid giving the message, “This is a dirty little overlooked back street off the High Road, where anyone can act as they please.”

  7. This new pocket park idea is really good and I am sure it will get lots of support locally. Look what a great impact the Lavender Garden on Clarendon Road / Hornsey Park Road has had.

  8. pocket park is an excellent idea to link back of shopping city to alexandra road via martins walk alley and reclaim a safe and pleasant space for local people and visitors

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